From strategy to content

I am a visual consultant.
Some know me as a photographer and a camera journalist that starts with the WHY question.
Others know me as a business consultant that accelerates change by making use of photography, video and custom designed workshops.
And some know me as an open content advocate that makes his content available for reuse in the interest of his clients and society.
Now you know that I combine all of the above in my work.
What can I help you with?

Sebastiaan ter Burg

Consultant / Photographer / Videographer / Producer

What I Can Do for You

Services tailored to your needs.


Where do you want to be on a short and long term? What is the message that you need to send out to get closer to that goal? And to whom should you send that message? These kind of questions are easier to answer when a fresh pair of eyes and ears are involved. I can be those for you. And more: I can design and host custom workshops based on proven methodologies to involve your colleagues and/or external stakeholders. I can support you to create and increase ownership of your (communication) goals within your organisation. And I can help you with designing and implementing your content sharing strategy to ensure long term value and impact of your communicational efforts.


To be only visible when it is needed, that's my expertise. I give clear instructions during portrait sessions, but I will not disturb your event. You can see more of my work on Flickr.

Video production

Grabbing a camera and pushing record is easy. But a video production is often more complicated than that. I'll guide you through the entire process of video production. Developing the concept, writing the script, setting up a production plan, filming and editing is what I've been doing for 50+ clients in the last 10+ years. Take a look on my Vimeo page to see some of my work.

Content production and strategy

Do you require other types of media than photos and video? I know just the people to help you with that. In the past years I've built a broad network of media specialists ranging from copywriters to motion graphic designers, quadcopter pilots, directors, audio engineers, studio musicians, voice over actors and more. People that I have worked with and trust.

And what's the long term of your content? What would you like to share with your peers, clients and stakeholders? I can support by designing and implementing a sharing strategy.

I've Worked with

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A few highlights of the dots that I've connected in the last two decades.

  • 2005

    Business Information Management, University of Professional Education Utrecht

  • 2006

    Project Manager (Surf / Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

  • 2009

    Full time freelancer

  • 2010

    Project manager at Rotterdam Open Data

  • 2013

    Project manager GLAM at Wikimedia Nederland



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Sebastiaan ter Burg
Tuinbouwstraat 23
3513 EC Utrecht
Phone: +316 480 88 615